Qualitative Services

Flexibility to meet your needs: We offer a range of qualitative research services tailored to your project and budget.

Our facilities are specifically designed and equipped to smoothly run focus group discussions and in-depth interviews. To view the specific characteristics of our different group rooms, please click here

  • Internal Recruitment: We maintain our own internal department with professional staff that assure the utmost quality of the required sample.
  • Client Input:We believe this essential in the recruiting process. Our staff always receives a thorough briefing by the client and this is passed on to recruiters and monitored in the recruitment process.
  • Transparency: Continuous feedback on progress and recruitment reports available immediately.
  • Telephone, face-to-face or online recruiting to be able to recruit most efficiently and pass the cost savings on to our customers

We understand what it means to be in your position and we continuously strive to make our clients feel that their moderator is a reliable member of their own team.

Castelló Veintitrés S.L. maintains a staff of experienced, smart, flexible, and bilingual moderators, with a deep knowledge of qualitative methods and broad experience in every stage of a research project.

Our staff has ample experience in the most advanced methods and techniques:

  • Standard group discussions or mini-groups.
  • Extended creativity groups .
  • Friendship or conflict groups .
  • In-depth interviews.
  • Paired depths or friendship depths.
  • Triads.
  • Ethnographic observations.
  • Web usability tests.
  • Online groups and more.

Castelló Veintitrés S.L. works with a team of highly skilled simultaneous translators with ample experience in market research. We select the translator based on the needs of each project and the translator’s experience in a particular sector.

In order to assure the maximum quality in the process, we always try and maintain the same translator for translation of the written documents (screeners, discussion guides and materials) and for the simultaneous translation of the fieldwork.

We are flexible. We can provide a full range of output options that most satisfy the methodological and budget needs of our clients:

  • Top-quality digital recordings with the simultaneous translation.
  • Verbatim transcriptions in Spanish or other languages.
  • Note-taking in Spanish or English.
  • Verbal debriefs by our experienced moderation team.
  • Topline or Summary reporting based on client specifications.
  • Full and in-depth reporting with conclusions and strategic recommendations.