Quantitative Services

Flexibility to meet your needs: We offer a range of quantitative research services tailored to your project and budget.

  • Personal: Pen-and-paper, computer assisted (CAPI) or web-based (CAWI)
  • Telephone: Pen-and-paper or computer assisted (CATI)
  • Online Surveys

Our staff has experience in almost every data collection method, including:

  • Street-Intercept: for short questionnaires or exit interviews
  • In-Home: random route or pre-recruited – including in-home product tests
  • Central Location Tests: street-intercept, pre-recruited or gang surveys – including product and sensory testing
  • Postal Surveys.

Our nationwide network of interviewers has experience interviewing a variety of target groups that range from simple consumer targets through to opinion leaders in specific fields.

Our in-house recruiting staff has proved particularly successful in recruiting difficult target groups for qualitative or quantitative interviewing.

  • CONSUMER – Life stages from kids to seniors.
  • B2B – Administrative assistants to CEO’s.
  • HEALTHCARE – Patients to Specialists.
  • CATI Cabins – 10 internal cabins and rentable cabins for lager projects.
  • CAPI Units – 20 units and rentable units for lager projects.
  • Online Surveys – CAWI capabilities that can be used in combination with personal, telephone or central location interviews.
  • Internal Central Location – we have rooms in our offices to be used for projects.
  • External Central Location – nationwide network of halls.
  • Sensory Testing Facilities.
  • Participating Stores – for exit interviews or accompanied shopping.
  • Data processing – raw data in a variety of formats or tables.

Nationwide network of experienced mystery shoppers that can adapt to specific purchase scenarios in order to accurately replicate any purchase process.

Our shoppers are trained to observe and retain the information about the store and the purchase to be able to communicate and evaluate the purchase process after completion.

Continuous renovation and recruiting of mystery shoppers though our internal quantitative data collection systems: F2F, Telephone, Online.

We have experience in a variety of techniques:

ON-SITE Mystery Shops or auditing.

  • Point of Purchase (POP) evaluations: by shoppers in establishments evaluate the purchase process or to audit specific materials (promotions, discounts, displays, etc.).
  • Exit interviews: with real shoppers departing the establishments to gain immediate feedback on the purchase process and reasons for non-purchase.

TELEPHONE Mystery Shops.

  • Telephone mystery shopping to the customer service centres or to telephone sales staff.

E-MAIL Mystery Shops.

  • E-mail enquiries to examine the level of customer service and response.

INTERNET Mystery Shops.

  • Internet mystery shopping evaluate the overall purchasing process or customer service and site usability.

Our field staff has ample experience in conducting a variety of central location tests with the most cost effective recruiting techniques, specific to each study and designed to assure the exact target and the maximum quality of the sample:

  • Street recruitment
  • Snow-ball recruitment
  • Pre-recruitment using our F2F, Telephone or online screening

Traditional and the most advanced data collection processes:

  • Pen-and-paper
  • CAPI
  • CAWI

Castelló Veintitrés S.L. has internal facilities that allow us flexibility and cost efficiency that is passed on to our customers. Depending on the specific needs of the project, we also use a variety of external locations:

  • Sensory facilities with booths: for sniff tests or taste tests
  • Bar / Restaurant facilities: for specific taste tests (alcohol) or packaging tests (bottle recognition)
  • Hall facilities: for advertising tests, product tests, design tests (appliances or car clinics)
  • Store facilities: for shopping tests or shelf tests
  • Auditorium and cinema facilities: for gang surveys

We can provide a full range of output options that most satisfy the methodological and budget needs of our clients.

  • Return of completed questionnaires after thorough editing and validation.
    Coding of open-ended responses by our profession staff of coder.
    Data entry and provision of data in the required format:

    • ASCII
    • Binary (single or multi-punch)
    • Excel
    • SPSS
    • Others
  • Tabulation: following the clients heading guide or using our own.
  • Reporting: detailed analysis and reporting in Spanish or other languages as needed